I'm Nomonde.
A 'YUNG' graphic designer based in Joburg.

I studied my BA in Graphic Design at Vega School & I'm now working as a Designer at Superunion Africa.

More about me...

I have passion for art, design, sneakers, soccer, branding, typography, graffiti and creating striking visuals & brand identities. I just love making really cool things & making cool things better.

‘Yung’ is a slang term for young. My youth plays a very important role in my creativity. It represents my personality & unconventional approach to my work and life. I like colouring outside the lines, taking risks and pushing the boundaries.

I refer to myself as a visual artist because I see myself as being more of an artist than a designer. When I'm not designing, I'm probably creating art.

Work History

Sakhumnotho Media

Intern Designer // Aug - Oct 2017

Roering Creative Kin

Junior Designer // Jan - Feb 2018

VMLY&R South Africa

Designer // Mar 2018 - Jul 2021


Designer // Aug - Dec 2021


Designer // Jan 2022 - Present

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