A collection of some of my really weird and random designs, personal projects, illustrations & visual experiments.

Nike Airmax Day 2020 Airmax 2090 Poster design
36 Days of Type animated G kinetic typography
Made to Create custom font gif
Danger Gevaar Ingozi Poster design
Desire Marea of Faka illustration by Shlohmonde
36 Days of Type animated O kinetic typography
Shlohmonde faces illustration
Covid-19 stay safe acid graphic experimental poster
Childish Gambino This is America illustration by Shlohmonde
HRTLSZ Redux Cover Art
420 2020 #stayhome stay high
420 poster design vacuum packaging
pale pastel 21st birthday invitation poster
Blue Eyes illustration
Vogue Nights Cape Town poster design
Stay Sane acid poster design
Black and white picture of couple kissing, covid-19 home is not just a hosue poster design
Julius Malema Punk illustration by Shlohmonde
Rotating smiley face CD
Yeah bruh typography poster
Square image of ocean sunset at dusk with yellow blur in place of sun and yellow text running vertically up the left hand side reading 'Paradise'
Kid Cudi Leader of the Deliquents illustration
I feel like death Yeezy I feel like Pablo parody
Form plastic textured typographic poster
Jaden Smith Icon illustration by Shlohmonde
First things first manifesto illustration
Air Jordan 1 Mid New Love illsutration
Covid-19 stay sane, stay safe acid graphic experimental posters
RIP Hugh Masikela poster design
MF Doom mask with reed text reading Doom.
Happy 420 poster design
isolation covid-19 minimal experimental graphic poster
Sanela Xaba monarch butterflies illustration by Shlohmonde
Keep the distance covid-19 typography poster design
Wash your hands covid-19 acid graphics experimental typographic poster
Leap year Rush typographic poster
Leap year Rush typographic poster
IAMDDB illustration by Shlohmonde
Nah Nike logo parody
Maitele Wawe digial painting
MF Doom mask illustration on black background.
Tapz is everywhere graffiti in art gallery
Off-White sneakers illustration
Rare Chinese Nike logo
Rharha Nembhard illustration
Nasa NAH logo parody
Nelson Mandela 100 AKA Touch My Blood madiba parody

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