Logo Design // Visual Identity

Logo design for premium Italian men's shoe brand for Edgars South Africa.

The Rome, Italy skyline on the left with logo colour palette below and logo Valenzia logo on the right
Valenzia pattern development from letter V
Valenzia v pattern
Valenzia full logotype with v pattern on elegant dark brown background

Valenzia full logotype with v pattern on elegant light brown background
Valenzia shoe box mock-up
Valenzia high end paper bag mock-up

The Challenge

The shoes although, styled in Italy are manufactured in South Africa. The client really liked the direction which the logo was going but still felt that it was missing that Italian touch.

It was suggested that we add the Italian flag or Italian colours to the logo but still keep it premium without it becoming too tacky. So we played around with the letter "I" making it white and putting the other two bands of the Italian flag on either side to turn the I into the flag.

Valenzia full logo incorporating Italian flag
Valenzia full logo incorporating Italian flag on elegant dark brown backgrund with v pattern overlay

Valenzia corporate identity swing tag mock-up with stamp in top left and business cars on top right

Valenzia high end premium meanswear iedntity mock up with men's shoes, hanger, men's shirt, formal pants, tie, paper bag, wallet, business card, umbrella and notebook
Valenzia menswear shoot model wearing high-end suit posing and standing with legs crossed
Smart casually dressed man wearing shades leaning against car with legs crossed and one hand in pocket

Man sitting on chair armrest drinking whisky and holding hat covering his eyes
Elegantly dressed man sitting in chair holding book
Two men sitting in a room with furniture
Man wearing suit on lilo floating in pool water

Cropped legs of men wearing formal pants and shoes
Three young men leaning on the trunk of a vintage car dressed in formal casual wear
Close up banner of feet of men wearing formal shoes

Mall advertising of formal mens shoe close up