Pro Action Logo
Visual Identity

The Brief

We were tasked to redesign/revamp the logo for Edgars' active wear brand, Pro Action. One thing we had to consider was that the brand would no longer just be sports focused but would now make athleisure products both for men and women.

Pro Action logo re-vamp, development and progression from previous logo

Development of triangle or play icon from triangle of old logo

Various Pro Action logo options showing progression to final logo

The New Logo

Bringing the expression ‘designed to move’ to life within the logo, the new logo has been given a fresh new & more modern rounded sans-serif font which is softer than the previous upper case, bolder font.  

The logo icon takes inspiration from the 'play' or 'fast-forward' icon and the overall logo type is built up of fluid shapes that convey the sense of ‘movement’.

Old Pro Action logo
New Pro Action logo
Pro Action white men's t-shirt mock-up with small logo on the left
Pro Action logo t-shirt back label mock-up
Pro Action logo t-shirt tag mock-up
Pro Action sports bra mock-up

Pro Action hoodie, sweater and sweatshirt back & front logo mock-up

Pro Action duffel bag logo mock up
Pro Action designed to move outdoor billboard advertising ad
Pro action outdoor billboard advertising with girl on a cycle looking towards long road ahead
Pro Action outdoor billboard advertising with cool guy wearing sweats dancing on street
Pro Action carefree afro guy wearing streetwear dancing in street pavement

Carefree black woman wearing Pro Action yoga pants and gym clothes dancing in street