Personal Brand Identity
Design // Visual Identity

The Project

Development of my personal brand identity which had to communicate key aspects and characteristics of myself as a designer. This included a logo design, business cards, CV, corporate identity & various branded elements. This project was started in 2017, and took 3 years to complete.

Rough logo scamps and sketches

The logo comes from my initials (NZM) as well as my energy (electrical strike).

Logo anatomy and description

Full logotype anatomy with guidelines

White inimal n logo icon on black background
Full black logotype on white background

Black logotype on white background
White n icon and logotype on black background

Nomonde Mtetwa personal brand glitch logo animation

The Slogan


'Yung' is slang for young, it respresents my youth, and my youth plays a very important role in my creativity. The way it is spelt represents my unconventional appraoch to design. I like taking risks and pushing the boundaries. I believe that I am young at heart, I have fresh ideas and I’m not afraid to try out new things.

This slogan is a constant reminder to stay true to that part of myself.

Nomonde Mtetwa logo and spinning text slogan in right hand corner
Die-cut business cards back and front
Scattered die-cut business cards
Nomonde Mtetwa envelope and letterhead design
Nomonde Mtetwa CV design
Nomonde Mtetwa dark brand corporate stationery mock up with envelope, business cards, letterhead, tape, postcard and silver metallic foil bubble mailer
Stay Yung stockers stacking up gif
Portfolio CD case
Open portfolio CD case and insert booklet
Personal brand poster glued to concrete wall
Nomonde Mtetwa transparent iPhone case mock-up
NM icon overlayed on black and white image with Vans shoe in backgound hanging over bath with various cellphones on rim