Edgars Rebranding
Branding // Visual Identity Design

Design work for the Edgars rebranding project. The campaign that 'reconnected a 90 year old fashion brand to culture'.

The Project

I was tasked with helping out with rebranding Edgars' one of South Africa's oldest retail companies. The project included a new logo and whole new identity for the brand which was in dire need of a refresh.

The creative direction was led by the talented Vumile Mavumengwana and executive creative director, Adam Whitehouse. The main idea behind the visual identity was taking the red square and owning it, making it more than just a logo. We developed a square based grid system, patterns, devices and an entirely new identity all based from the Edgars red square.


Cannes Lions: Bronze – Entertainment (2019)

Loeries: Silver – Digital // Social Media (2019)

Epica Awards: – Silver: Branded Content // Music Video (2019)

Edgars red square grid creation

Edgars red square pattern design

Edgars bold pattern implementation on various layouts.

Edgars pattern implementation on various layouts.

Various Edgars grids and layouts

Making the red square more than just a logo but tool and a window for self-expression.

Model crouching in front of Edgars red square with bold pattern in background.

Nikiwe Dlova on Edgars brand billboard

Sho Madjozi own the look gif

Hand holding sneaker in Edgars hanging frames with patterns

Edgars fashion store window display
Edgars tote bag with yellow eye pattern design
Edgars tote bag with stacked logo design and light grey pattern overlay in background
Edgars paper bag with own the look and various patterns masked into red square gif

The result was a brand repositioning that took Edgars from being on the outside of local culture to a culturally relevant connected brand.

Edgars Don't Tell Me What to Do brand end frame commercial with Sho Madjozi holding South African flag on a car in downtown Johannesburg street